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Jounieh International Festival      About Jounieh International Festival:

The annual Jounieh International Festival ( JIF ) brought by a young team of local volunteers celebrates its 7th anniversary in July 2017. Every year, JIF brings joy to the city of Jounieh with patrons from across the country for several weeks of jolly old-fashioned fun.

The festival is offering this year, a major uplift by moving its premises to a new and fabulous location in Ghazir on the coastal side of Jounieh bay.

The pretty waterways of Jounieh Bay will become ever more colorful, by virtue of its iconic fireworks and annual gathering of Lebanon’s finest boats alongside the stretch of the renowned Jounieh Bay.

The fireworks event will receive a brand new facelift with many surprises awaiting all those who will gather around the beautiful bay of the city.

Jounieh International Festival will debute on the night of the 2nd of July with the king of Romance, Wael Kfoury, to start the Arabic musical scene, in a concert that will resonate in the city and the hearts of his fans. The singer will delight his audience, by his entrancing voice that whisks the listener away to a magic world, aiming for an unforgettable performance.

The Festival continues with the musical Notre Dame de Paris which returns on stage for several tour dates. Fifteen years after the first edition met a huge success; it was the turn of Hiba Tawaji donning the costume of the beautiful gypsy. The mythical role of the gypsy, Esmeralda used to be played by Helene Segara. At the time, this musical has broken all records. 4,000 performances, 20 countries, 9 languages, and over 10 million viewers. The song Belle had sold over 2 million copies. A historic success could perhaps be reiterated. The show will begin his tour on November 23 at the Paris Congress Centre before leaving in Europe & visiting us this 8, 9, 10 & 11 of July.

On the night of July 14th, scenes from the orient will suffuse Jounieh bringing the best, timeless hits from MusicHalls’s unique, Arabic musical arrangements, performed by an all star lineup: The legend Toni Hanna, Chehade Brothers and Bilal. Featured artists will be performing an array of classics from the Arab world with Elefteriades’ world acclaimed twist.

On July 15th, and for the first time in Lebanon, and following the success of “3al Lebnene”, Jounieh International Festival brings you an immersive journey into music by world-class composer Michel Fadel featuring production-duo extraordinaire: Tarek Majdalani & Sleiman Damien. Witness Lebanon’s biggest fireworks show to the rhythm of music. A never-seen before blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, state of the art lighting & visuals.

On the same night July 15th, and as we did over the past six years, we will light Jounieh skies in a spectacular scene with the iconic Fireworks show, the one and only signature event of Jounieh International Festival! Don’t miss it!

Stay tuned and enjoy the show!